Begining Meditation

A good meditation practice should start every morning when you awaken, during mid-day break, and within two hours before bed. I never set a length of time I will meditate, but I like to set a time to meditate. The reason to not set a length of time for meditation will change consistently, depending on what you need at the point in time. I have sat down to meditate thinking I was only there for 10 minutes, but in reality, I was there for 3 hours. I have meditated for minutes that felt like hours; therefore, I do not set the amount of time to meditate, for this can cut into the experience. If you do not set a time to meditate, then you may never get to my level of meditation and I am still at an infant level of meditation. 

Meditation did not work for me in the beginning but took years to calm me down to allow myself to feel the benefits. I state this for so many give up in the beginning and the time you invest will pay off by keeping and setting time to meditate. Maybe in the beginning it is just a few quiet moments alone that can make a difference in a parent’s life or for a student studying. Even in the quiet, you get a moment to catch your breath, reflect, and deal with issues from a fresh perspective. So, in the beginning, even if it takes years, do not give up for you will gain something special in those quiet moments we call meditation. 


In meditation, I have reached so deep into myself and found the sources of my soul. Emitting light from a minor source was pulsating and vibrating in a manner that reminds me of a star, and this would be a description of my soul. In mediation, you can learn and discover vast amounts of knowledge that you can experience firsthand. These experiences may not happen every time you meditate, but when they happen, the only word that comes to mind awe. 

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