Atlantic University

Atlantic University is a Graduate school dedicated to transpersonal education. The school is in Virginia Beach and offers online courses that are taught by excellent professors and instructors. The school has helped me to further discover my spiritual path, to expanding my knowledge, share experiences with others, and practicing many forms that induce spiritual awareness.… Continue reading Atlantic University

Lost Psychic is Coming Alive 2021

Lost Psychic is ramping up to finally open in 2021 with a defined goal to bring people together to share undeniable spiritual experiences that happen every day in people’s lives. We are building a community around those who need to understand unexplainable transpersonal events, how to cope, and live with these experiences. This leads us… Continue reading Lost Psychic is Coming Alive 2021

All Things coming in 2021

A Podcast Show Called All Things coming in 2021, join us with exciting talk about All Things. You may learn new things on spirituality, food, health, love, sex, and more. This podcast will sizzle and cover controversial topics that will expand your mind and challenge your beliefs. If you would like to be a guest… Continue reading All Things coming in 2021