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Spirituality is About You!

When you talk about spirituality you are talking about your connection to the the world and no one else. Spirituality is not about religion, work, life style, economics, or anything else, but how you chose to communicate to all things. Remember God is everywhere and so are the spiritual connections that lie between you and […]

Communicating with Spirits

Knowing when spirits are communicating with you.

Second Reading

My second reading was given to a family member which I made mistake on the audio file.

Fake to Make It

Do not tell anyone  about the change of self. People can plant massages in your mind which could make the process hard and uncompleted. 1. Fake it 2. Believe it (sell yourself) 3. Live it (no longer selling yourself . You are doing with out knowing it.) 4. Other change to match your change.

Energy Follow

Everyone needs to known how energy follows and works with in their lives.

My Week

My week

Sunday Nov06 2011

Sunday Religion

A view point about religion

Faith Part2

Faith Part1

Tonight I talk about faith and one of my learning lessons for the year