If you think your child has psychic abilities, please find a teacher to assist them. Someone who understands can assist working with their ability to allowing them to live a happy life. Going through a spiritual journey is a challenge for any person and their family requiring the families to find proper support. If you need assistants search for people who are transpersonal psychologist. A transpersonal psychologist is trained to deal with psychic episodes and to work with the entire person to ensure they learn in a constructive environment about the self. Many times these children can challenge people’s belief systems causing many families to seek improper support causing emotional damage to their child. The primary point one needs to understand is there is nothing wrong with psychic children, but our understanding of how to properly deal with supporting our children. For these reasons, parents need to seek properly trained people who are trained in transpersonal psychology. Here is an excellent video on YouTube called “CNN – Anderson Cooper – Indigo Children” or “https://youtu.be/cxjdaEvyguY” about the issues these children are facing.



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