Spiritual Interaction Again

At this point in life me and my wife would come to a conclusion to up root and move to Florida were we would stay for about three years. At this time we are completely broke and starting over with next to nothing in the way of money with as little as three thousand dollars, no family or friends just us and our babies.

As soon as we got there we started a small business that bloomed almost overnight, but now we were all together all the time. In this first year all appeared to go good we were making some of the best friends anyone could have, business was growing, the kids were happy being with us and our marriage got strong. What would begin to happen next was yet more major changes that I was not ready for but came anyway. by year’s end I would start to have spiritual interaction again with a meaning that I was not ready for LEAVE. What do you mean I just got hear everything is good I do not want to leave. I was going to stay but that was not what happened at the end of the day. I started having issues with the landlord over rent, So we moved our business down the street, but now I would have bigger issues. We would have all kinds of issues with the landlord, the building, and on top of this we had lost clients in the move. Now, come the hurricanes and that was it we were ready to leave. Next my dad would offer the family house to us and eventually I would make a deal with him over the house. Spiritual I was being forced to leave in a not so pleasant way. I end up in a house that would break us even further leaving us at the mercy of others for quite a few years which, is slowly getting better with time. I am currently in this house and this is where the spirits want me to be. Since, I have been back in this house we have been lucky, together and spiritual on a completely different place with new experiences happening all the time. I will go into detail of these experiences at a later time in upcoming writings.

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