When We Fall in Love

When We Fall in Love it is not for money, looks, sex nor even ideals. It is for something deep inside of us that states we would go to the end of the world, and any type of disaster to be with this person. That means never for money, looks, sex nor ideals. Do not listen to your head but to your soul and make sure there soul is meeting your soul half way. Once your souls states this is the person then test that person to see if there soul is going to connect to yours. If you do not understand this then watch a movie What Dreams May Come and do not go for love until this makes since. For money will come and go love can stay forever. Looks may come but will fade in time but love can get stronger. Sex is for the young when mad passion is in our body and mind but will fade as the soul will always have passion in love.  Ideals are a thought and thoughts change over time like clothes and cars but love is always and will be true.

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