Third Major Event

This would become the most impacting events in my life that changed me for life when I look back over time. A about a month before my grandfather died came the last major experience that I would have for a time. This one event has caused me to look back over and over to reflect. What happened was so majestic, loving, beautiful, and much more then my vocabulary can describe in any words. This event told me so many things that I would not begin to understand until many years later. This event would teach me that there is a GOD, there is life after death, we are never alone, we are linked to ever thing around us, we are a spec and yet we are important. I could go on but, I will stop there and explain what happened in a moment of time if time real exist. At the time I was living in my parents basement were I had a room beside the family room. About 1:00 AM at night I had woken to use the restroom, to find when I had walked in to the family room that it was engulfed in a white cloud. The love radiating with in the room was more powerful than anything I had ever felt (before or after that moment). Now, what came out of the cloud was a bright light strong yet, peaceful and caring. What followed thru that light was my grandfather in a casket in a suit lying there in such peace. This all happened in just a moment of time and vanished just as quick as it came. At the time I had no clue why it happened or misunderstand the massage. When I look back I relieved that I was already in a wreck and here I was going to lose one of the most important child hood figures I had in my life and that event could take me over the edge and all most did. About a month later I went to see my grandfather and it was just as if I was a young boy again. That day we prepared to go fishing for the following day and while we were preparing he was preparing to die that next day. He took money out of the bank to have for one of my uncles so the uncle could be there with the family. He talked about death a lot that day and trying to ensure me it was ok (No one wants to see any of the greats in their life leave them.). The next morning we woken and drove to the river unload the boat and began fishing. About 30 minutes into the fishing he would have a massive heart attack. He died the way he wanted to and fast which is the most beautiful death I had ever seen. Were I went wrong was think that I had to be there to take care of my grandmother so for the next few years that is what I would do and found myself further away and lost form everything. Soon I would move into the military and get back to the living of life itself. Were I went wrong is that we all must leave or lose things in order to grow. At time in our life we need different things and different people to teach us about that aspect of life.

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