Second major experience

I am looking back in time to fill in some blanks and give a little history or background on my experiences. This by known means makes me a great psychic or an adviser for anyone and I hope you keep this in mind. When I was about 19 years old, came my next major remunerable event. I had ran off to Florida for a year and came home to find that all was not good in my parents’ home. The first thing I knew my father was no longer true to my mother at the time. I guess what made this so remunerable in my life was events over the course of several years from this point. Now this was not my father’s first marriage and the that first marriage was no fairy tale(I guess this is where I found my love and comfort in the spiritual world that was around me and in away became my family. Which in a strange way has provide me with some much love and protection from any bad) . At this time I had told my mother and that ended the marriage. From that point on many little events would happen from a phone ringing and I knew who was calling to box of cereal sliding towards me that I would reach for. These events would occur on a small scale over the next few years with very little knowledge out there to tap into for a full understanding.  During this time I was not on any given course with my  life and was more lost then focused.

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