My premonition for 2012 part 1

When the planets become a line, the earth will change its poles causing many changes within the earth. It will feel as if we woke up and the earth was a beautiful day with the soul felling clean, but the earth had changed and many were gone. The earth will change from this event and I have had a premonition that give us three ways this event will happen. First way is the earth is set on course to make a change but the outcome can happen a few different ways. The first is stated by the Mia’s that a great game will be played in the universe to determine our fate. The second will be played out on earth were 13 people who are amongst us will tempt to absorber all the negative energy that we have accumulated on earth.  This will happen when the skies go dark and all that will be seen is 13 beams of light shooting from the heavens skies acting like a field to ensure if the 13 cannot absorber that much negative energy and convert it to positive that those who are left do not vanish. When this takes place people will come and pray but what these 13 need is your love to make it thru this time of absorb ration.  Most likely many of the 13 will die in the process. The third starts now to stop this process from happening we need to start following the laws of the universe which can be found in another form. It only takes about the population size of the U.S. to make the change for the entire earth.

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