My Child

My oldest child came home a week ago and asked why another child she goes to school with got upset when she mentioned Chanukah. It basically appeared that the child was trying to make Chanukah look bad because Jesus has to do with Christmas. I had to explain a little about how some people view religion and this was the best way I could explain it. My child loves basketball and this is where I started that ever team who plays basketball wants to win and only one team can win. In religion it is not a game but most importantly about love, respect, kindness, faith, and so much more but never about one religion, one team. Religion is about God if one wins another loses then you never reached God for God is about all of us which means there cannot be a winner nor a loser just being. Being in love, being the best you can be. We are being’s before human and this is not about religion as much about sprit and God. Just remember choose whatever path you find faith in finding God but never think there is only one path to God so show respect to all.

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