Fourth Major Event

I would be 25 years old now and would come New Years Eve when the next major event would happen. That evening I had planned to take some guys from the base into Mexico for the New Year’s party.  About half way their I started getting a crap like feeling in my stomach with butter fly like feeling with this increasing as I got closer. I then knew about 30 minutes away that I would meet my wife to be. About 9 months later we would become married, with my life now changing in so many directions and still to this day. As I look back over 13 years of being married it was balance that I need to learn, which I am still am trying to master to this day. It is one thing to love and another to balance that love for everything you have in your life. The second was unconditional love and trust which I found when my kids were born. It is one thing to love in a spiritual sense, but towards people much more complex. What makes it so complex is our  wants and needs, but spiritual there is no want or need just is and will always be.  As time goes on over the next week I may add more to this one.

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