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When We Fall in Love

When We Fall in Love it is not for money, looks, sex nor even ideals. It is for something deep inside of us that states we would go to the end of the world, and any type of disaster to be with this person. That means never for money, looks, sex nor ideals. Do not listen […]

My Child

My oldest child came home a week ago and asked why another child she goes to school with got upset when she mentioned Chanukah. It basically appeared that the child was trying to make Chanukah look bad because Jesus has to do with Christmas. I had to explain a little about how some people view […]

My premonition for 2012 part 1

When the planets become a line, the earth will change its poles causing many changes within the earth. It will feel as if we woke up and the earth was a beautiful day with the soul felling clean, but the earth had changed and many were gone. The earth will change from this event and […]

Fourth Major Event

I would be 25 years old now and would come New Years Eve when the next major event would happen. That evening I had planned to take some guys from the base into Mexico for the New Year’s party.  About half way their I started getting a crap like feeling in my stomach with butter […]

Third Major Event

This would become the most impacting events in my life that changed me for life when I look back over time. A about a month before my grandfather died came the last major experience that I would have for a time. This one event has caused me to look back over and over to reflect. […]

Second major experience

I am looking back in time to fill in some blanks and give a little history or background on my experiences. This by known means makes me a great psychic or an adviser for anyone and I hope you keep this in mind. When I was about 19 years old, came my next major remunerable […]

First Psychic Experience

When I was about 7 or 8 years old I found my self up one night knowing that my father was coming home hurt and would need to go to the hospital. That night he came home with his hand cut up because a window he was replacing broke and sliced his hand. This is where […]