Laws Of The Universe

I believe that we are all truly connected to each other and everything around us via energy. As time goes on science is starting to find this maybe very true. As our ancient ancestors had stated from many parts of our world, we are all interlinked together. So, here are some basic rules to follow in order to protect one’s inner self from being harmed by self. 1. Always speak truth. (Lies eat away at us over time.) 2. Protect your energy. (Find balance from within no matter what is happening around you.) 3. When angry lock it up until it is safe to release. (When we explode at others we only share bad energy which then gets shared with others. Lock it up inside wait until you are alone and release it. Buy a pouching bag if needed. ) 4. Respect all things. (We do not have to love every person we meet nor do we have to love the insects, but all things have a purpose in the universe and we must respect that.) 5. Trust yourself. (We all have an inner voice that tells us if it feels good or bad. It is there to help us make wise decisions in our lives.) 6. Never judge others. (As soon as one judges, one opens the door for others to judge you. We all have a purpose in the universe. 7. Acknowledge all with no intent. (When we acknowledge each other’s dreams with no intent, then it allows our dreams to grow, so they may become reality.) 8. Help when thus need. (If you see someone getting beat up do not look the other way. Help stop it. There are times to help and times not to help, but learning the difference can be a tricky task. Help means giving with no conductions or it will only bring pain.) 9. Take time for yourself. We need fun, rest, love, excitement, and time for peace / quite. Without this your inner body, you will become negative over time and that can lead to disaster for yourself.) The universe speaks only one language emotion! Everything we do we attach some type of emotion to it, so be careful with your emotions. When praying one needs to watch the emotions that they are attaching to whatever you are praying about. This could cause a different reaction to what you want based on your emotion at that time.

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