Children With Psychic Abilities

If you think your child has psychic ability please find a teacher to assist them. Someone whom understands can assist them with controlling the ability allow them focus in their life. I went through this and only at a much older age learned to live in both worlds.

Nidia & Charles Spiritual Views

Issues that are caused within a relationship when one is psychic. This can cause hardships if both people do not know how to deal with material and spiritual worlds.

A Gift of Belief From Dad

Suicide is Like a Fragmented Mirror

Human Sensation VS Spiritual Sensation.

A brief description of difference between human sensation compared to spiritual sensation.

How Charles Blevins uses mediation to reach a clairvoyant state.

I have provided a quick demo of what I do during mediation to reach a clairvoyant state.

Three things everyone should learn

Three rules I have been taught spiritual that all should understand and apply.
1. know
2. Be
3. Let go

Charles Blevins experience with Anthon St Maarten

On December 15 2014 I had the pleasure to receive a reading from Anthon St Maarten. The reading started off 5 minutes late, which was great for I was 5 minutes late to. Even the spirits ensured our time would match up. Anthon’s reading was only supposed to be 15 minutes, but turned into 45 minutes long. I was surprised by his ability and how accurate he is. What I really loved about Anthon was his voice, which was like mediating in a calm and peaceful place. Anthon relaxed me emotionally then charged me full of positive energy, which caused me to mediate twice that day were I went somewhere else as soon as I began my mediation.
I will never tell anyone that every psychic is for them. For this is about personalties and were each of us is at spiritually. In closing Anthon was a great help to me and was what I needed at that moment. Second he could have stuck to the alloted time of 15 minutes, yet he went for as long as it needed to benefit me not his own. Now, if you are in need of a psychic, then Anthon St Maarten may be worth contacting based off my experience yet, you will to discover this for yourself.

Event in June 2014

I will be hosting classes again at the Marriott Hotel in Bristol, Virginia on June 28, 2014. Times and cost will be available soon.

Laws of Universe

One of the six steps “Are You Aware In Six Steps” This was done at Marriott – Courtyard in Bristol, VA after during a Seminar. Speaker is Charles Blevins and one can see events he will be doing at